Multi-Caisses | Built to protect the future

You can call them road case, flight case or A.T.A.

Whether you need a custom case or container for your exhibition materials, live events, broadcast or multimedia equipment, the Multi-Caisses A.T.A. series is what you need. We have the expertise to secure and protect the most fragile content. If your equipment is subject to constant abuse due to repeated travel and you wish to keep it in optimal operating and usage conditions, you are making the right choice. The Multi-Caisses A.T.A. series can be designed from a variety of laminates including ABS plastic, fiberglass, aluminum or lightweight composite plastic. Customized cushioning using a variety of engineering foams and protective materials is an integral part of each case. Metal corners, recessed hardware, edge and closure made of durable aluminum will protect all contents from the dangers of the transportation and storage environment they must endure in today’s fast-paced world. Multi-Caisses has developed a diverse range of custom cases and containers to meet the requirements of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Please contact one of our shipping case specialists to inquire about custom case services.

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