Multi-Caisses | Built to protect the future

Protection without compromise

Our LPACK range of transport containers ensures that every piece of equipment and technology shipped will receive maximum protection, regardless of transport and handling conditions.

Lightweight, reusable and recyclable, LPACK cases are designed with a technology that combines a unique concept of patented tubular and rigid aluminum extrusion, a welded and reinforced frame and plastic laminate panels. 


Each LPACK container can be equipped with recessed closures and handles, sturdy anchor points, wheels or forklift truck supports, protective, signage or identification plates.

Designed to protect even the most fragile electronic, medical, industrial or military contents requiring superior protection inside and out. 

LPACK containers, thanks to their unique concept, can be adapted to the largest materials, where other transport containers do not offer reliable solutions.

LPACK cases for Rackmount type equipment are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to ensure complete protection against shock, vibration, impact and repeated transport or transit. 

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