Pelican air 1626 - Multi-Caisses
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Pelican air 1626 Code: PEL1626NF

  • Press and Pull™ Latches
  • Quiet Rolling Stainless-Steel Bearing Wheels
  • Super-light proprietary HPX²™ Polymer
  • Business card holder
  • Automatic Purge Valve – Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure
  • Retractable extension handle

Pelican™ Air Case

Pelican understands that finding the right protection, with the perfect fit for your gear, is a priority. Pelican™ Air began with long protection and quickly grew to offer you deep protection. The time has come to combine those two in order to create Pelican’s new Long/Deep Series. Gone are the days of dangerously forcing your equipment into the wrong size case or leaving it unprotected with no other options. With Pelican’s Long/Deep series, we’ve created the missing link so that no matter the demands of your gear, Pelican has you covered.



W : 28.14" x H : 11.72" x D : 14.10"
W : 714.76 mm x H : 297.69 mm x D : 358.14 mm
W : 31.12" x H : 13.33" x D : 17.05"
W : 790.45 mm x H : 338.58 mm x D : 433.07 mm
14.65 lbs
6.64 kg

416,18$ CAD


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Custom foam

Custom foam

You need optimal protection? Let us make the molding of your device in protective foam adapted to your use.

Custom foam

Custom case

You can’t find a case with the dimensions that you need? You have an idea? We will make it! Tell us about your project, we will achieve it!