Multi-Caisses | Built to protect the future

Protecting innovation

Transporting and moving today’s technologies can be a major challenge.

Protecting them from costly damage during transportation, handling and loading requires special attention. 

With its Rackmount Pro-Line range of transport cases, Multi-Caisses is the right choice to ensure the protection of all 19-inch Rackmount type devices, such as computer servers, communication and broadcasting equipment, military equipment or even professional sound and lighting equipment. 

They are available with shock and vibration protection options, including high-density foam and an internal aluminum frame with integrated shock absorbers, all available in ATA 300 type, molded plastic or L-Pack construction.

Each Rackmount Pro-Line case is equipped with standard 19” EIA rack installation bars. In addition, you can improve the efficiency of your Rackmount cases by adding accessories to make them more efficient in use, including sliding drawers, blank or connector plates, ventilation systems, retractable wheels and table legs to create your own workspace. 

All Rackmount Pro-Line cases are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit all types of EIA 19 rack format equipment.

In addition, they can be designed to your own specifications.

Contact one of our specialists to discover the many advantages of Rackmount Pro-Line cases.

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