Multi-Caisses | Built to protect the future

Advanced protection

Zarges transport cases offer effective protection against all external elements and the rigors of the world’s most hostile destinations. 

They are ATA 300 approved, lightweight and resistant to dust, moisture, corrosion and other external contaminants. 

They are watertight, allowing for optimal protection of their contents. 

Zarges containers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet all your operational needs. 

Each Zarges is equipped with aluminum stacking corners, rigid 5005 aluminum alloy walls, a watertight closure, snap closures, and sturdy handles. 

Zarges cases can be delivered with a customized interior including high-density protective foams, custom packaged foams, dividers or markings, allowing your Zarges case to increase its mobility and deployment, ensuring complete protection of your contents.

Zarges containers meet the industry’s most demanding military and civilian standards.