Since 1982, Multi-Caisses is the leader in the design and fabrication of logistic transport cases. Our knowledge is recognized in more than 30 countries around the world. Today, thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer a wide range of standard or custom built cases.

Multi-Caisses is an expert in the conception of cases that garanties ultimate protection for your most fragile possessions.

Multi-Caisses, designed to protect the future!


  • Foundation

    Foundation of Multi-Caisses FJM inc. It all starts with 3 employees


  • Acquisition of Coffre Concept

    Coffre Concept is bought by Multi-Caisses


  • Acquisition of Technicase

    The company now has 8 employees


  • Acquisition of Alucase

    Multi-Caisses has 13 employees


  • New products

    Launch of the MULTI-PRO and MULTI-PACK range


  • Interpretation booths

    Multi-Caisses now has 20 employees and begins manufacturing simultaneous interpretation booths.


  • Benett Fleet
    New partner! Multi-Caisses now has 26 employees.


  • Computerization

    The team now has 31 employees is in need of a computer system for monitoring production.


  • Certified booths

    Launch of the certified ISO-4043-1998 Protocol TM cabin


  • Accelerated growth
    Big growth for Multi-Caisses which now has 41 employees.



  • Around the world!

    Multi-Caisses distributes and operates in more than 32 countries. Our team currently has 50 employees.


Our clients

At Multi-cases we work with our customers everyday to help create smart and unique logistic and reusable custom case and containers.

Every business is different, so it’s important we listen to our customer needs to understand their aims and objectives, in doing so we are able to create a unique protective solution for them. We’re proud to serve customer from every continent of the world from small own operations to multinational incorporation across a board range of industries and market.

Here’s a small sample of customer we work with.