Multi-Caisses | Fabrication of logistic transport cases


A history forged with passion

When the company Multi-Caisses was founded in 1982, the idea was simple : design and manufacture the best A.T.A. shipping and carrying case using high quality materials with the most passionate people. More than 38 years later, our dedication to creating the best shipping cases and protective transport containers is still there. We have intensified our commitment to provide the best product to our customers, which is the natural result of our passion and innovation. Multi-Caisses is an expert in creating custom cases and containers that offer ultimate protection for some of the most fragile contents, which is our greatest strength. Whether it’s military aircraft or live events, broadcast or multimedia equipment, non-destructive testing units or sales demonstration equipment, environmental monitoring systems or medical diagnostic equipment, anything that requires undeniable protection against shocks, vibrations, outdoor weather conditions or even the harshness of transportation and handling will be protected.

If your equipment requires more or less complex foam padding, sophisticated cushioning, vibration protection or any other specific protective feature, we are a world-class solution provider.

Multi-Caisses, Passion, Innovation, Protection.



Be the customer’s obvious choice by providing complete solutions of protective transport and shipping cases with innovative products and reliable services.  Grow at a steady and responsible pace to become a leader in our field.


Thinking and acting with clarity and respect for our customers and employees. Achieve our goals with confidence and assurance.


Trust, openness, mutual respect, quality, excellence and customer orientation.

Our clients

Our customers are partners of our passion.

When we deliver custom cases or containers, we are not delivering a product, but an experience. This experience starts with a simple or elaborate idea of protection. Our goal is to ensure that our passion for protective cases contributes to our customer’s success by protecting their sensitive equipment or material and by listening to and understanding their needs. We use our knowledge, creativity and experience to guide them towards the best possible solution for them.